38 years old Lijo was a homeless man who slept on the streets and made his home at a public bus stand. He was from a well to do family but life took a tragic path where his parents, brother and sister passed away leaving him all alone to fend for himself at a young age. He finally found himself on the streets after nothing in his life seemed to work out. Hungry and dejected he found out about Transform Plus’s Jeeva Roti Project and started coming to get his lunch from the center everyday. After two weeks, to our surprise we saw significant changes in him where he shaved, took a shower, wore clean clothes and came to get his lunch. It was humbling and a joy for us to see transformation in his life. Unfortunately, after a few months Lijo passed away of jaundice which was only detected right before his death. We hope he is a at a better place and his soul is at peace knowing that he was cared for even though he didn't have anyone.