I am Sheela, I’m 7 years old, My mother and sister are handicapped due to a polio attack while my father left us when I was small. To raise my sister and I, my mother had to work at a temple to sustain us. It was a challenge for my mother to raise the family as there was rent and utilities to pay and barely little or no food to feed ourselves. One day, there was no food at home and I was very hungry. I went around begging hoping someone would buy me food but to no avail, no one was moved to buy me food. My hunger led me to make a difficult choice where I decided to steal a biscuit packet and run home. The shopkeeper where I stole the biscuit from had keenly watched me on his CCTV camera and later pulled me up while I was playing. He hit me hard and made me sit near his shop as a punishment. When one of the neighbors saw and came to know what had happened she asked me to not steal anymore and asked me instead to go get lunch from Transform Plus. Since then, my sister, my mother and I are being provided lunch everyday.

(As recounted to Transform Plus’ Staff)